Frequently Asked Questions

Our glacial mountain salmon is supplied by High Country Salmon, located on the fast flowing hydro canals near Twizel.

The constant flow of water throughout the farm makes our salmon “fitter” than sea-run salmon, resulting in a firmer flesh and cleaner taste.  It is perfect for all dishes – sashimi, sushi, baked, fried, cured and smoked.  Once filleted and vac-packed, lean salmon freezes particularly well and will still be high quality even after months in the freezer.

The glacial waters of the Mackenzie hydro canals produce some of the world’s best tasting salmon.  The inherent purity of the water ensures our salmon are reared in an optimum environment for premium growth.  We understand that that the future of our industry depends on the quality of our water and we strive to protect it. We don’t see sustainability as an added extra – it is core to our business.

As well as here on our website, we sell our range of products through a growing number of retail outlets and also through restaurants and cafes. We can also be found at fetes and markets in the South Island in the summer months. Visit our Find Us page for more information and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and events.

Yes we do!!. However rural delivery incurs a $5.00 surcharge for extra ice.

Our smoked roasted salmon, also referred to as hot smoked salmon, undergoes a delightful cooking process during smoking, resulting in a tender, flaky texture. On the other hand, our cold smoked salmon is skillfully cured and delicately infused with a cold smoke, preserving its natural flavours. Thinly sliced with a velvety smooth texture, it promises a truly satisfying experience

Gravadlax is a Scandinavian-style cured salmon. We meticulously cure it for three days, incorporating mustard seed, dill, and vodka into the process, resulting in a delightful flavour profile.

We are located in the Mid-Canterbury region, which is distinct from South Canterbury. While we are in close proximity to Geraldine, it would be more accurate to describe our location as “near Geraldine”.

Absolutely! Simply unwrap the package and indulge. If you prefer a warm and delightful experience, you can quickly heat up the smoked roasted salmon or duck breast either in a pan or the oven.

While it is possible to freeze The Wee Smokehouse products, we want to highlight that doing so can alter the texture of the product. To ensure the best taste and texture, we do not recommend freezing the cold smoked salmon and cold smoked venison.

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